consulting & advisory services

Because SLF will be become the trusted advisor in your business, their expertise with a variety of Consulting and Advisory Services is critical to the future well-being of your business.   As business becomes increasingly complex and frequently spans borders, it is important to have an accounting advisory firm that is up to date with regulatory issues, tax matters, international and national accounting standards, in dealing with either private or public companies.  Your SLF advisor will become your owner-managed business partner, helping to solve complex business questions, ensuring that your business remains successful and thrives.

Our services in this area include:

financial due diligence

If you’re planning to complete a transaction or purchase in a country outside of Canada, SLF can help you to identify all the critical issues that need to be reviewed before completion of the deal.  Our complete financial due diligence includes many details such as:

mining, natural resources, oil and gas

SLF has developed a specialized expertise in the mining, natural resources and oil and gas sectors.  Accounting expertise in this sector requires a detailed understanding of the complexities of commodity pricing, risk management, taxation and the securing of new sources of capital.  This sector is fast paced, constantly changing, and requires dedicated expertise. SLF’s background in this sector allows them to be flexible and nimble and highly responsive.  Financial reports in this sector need to be robust and reliable.

SLF’s services in this sector include:

  • Audit and assurance
  • Compliance with Canadian, US and international accounting standards
  • Tax planning and tax compliance
  • Assistance with capital market transactions
  • Accounting and financial statement preparation
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family office services

If you need assistance in managing all the complexities of your family wealth as well as your business affairs, you may need to assistance of a Family Office expert.   Acting like a chief financial officer, the SLF expert oversees and manages all the parts of a family financial picture that may include assets and properties in several countries, businesses and private investment portfolios, for extended family members. Advice on charitable giving and philanthropy is also part of the services offered.


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